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The Sales Below Are Good Now thru Thursday 06/30/2016

FREE with Every order.....a 1/2 Lb of White Rainbow Moonstone Rough will automatically be sent with Every order. 

Buy One Get One Free

The second free item will be included with your order, it will not show up on the invoice but will be put in your box.  Buy 1 get 1 free of the same item, buy 5 get 5 free, buy 10 get 10 free, etc....

1 Lb Premium Tumble Mix Rough - BOGO

1 Lb Green Amethyst Rough - BOGO

Additional Specials

1 Lb Heavenly Blue Opal Rough - New Item - Only $18.95

1 Lb of Evergreen Jasper Rough - Only $3.49

1 Lb of Banded Amethyst Rough - Only $4.95

1 Lb Sunstone Rough - Only $5.25

5 Lb Fancy Jasper Rough - Now Only $14.95 ($2.99/Lb) - Very Popular

5 Lb Moss Agate Rough - Now Only $14.95 ($2.99/Lb)



10% OFF all items in the Faceted Gemstone Lots category.  Sale price is not shown in the listed price, but will be shown as a discount when checking out.

Our inventory of ROUGH ROCKS FOR TUMBLERS is the LARGEST and most diverse in the UNITED STATES. We always have TONS of Rough in our Inventory.

Our rocks and gems have been featured in MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS Magazine, as well as, the USA NETWORK hit TV show, WHITE COLLAR.

We have many repeat customer over many years in Business.  Our inventory is contantly changing, as we try to bring you the VERY BEST rocks and gems at the Lowest possible prices.
Please give us a try....you will not be Disappointed.
NEED IT FAST?.......Most orders are shipped with 24 Hours  Monday thru Friday.


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Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

emerald rough rock

Unsearched raw emeralds - direct from the mine

Was: $25.99
Now: $15.99

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

green jasper rough

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

Was: $6.99
Now: $3.49

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

red calcite rough

Perfect for a rock poilsher / tumbler

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