Tumble Mix Rough - Emerald - 1/2 LB + Free Gemstone

emerald rough
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Treasure Hunt - 1,200 Carat bags of Emeralds!!!!! + A Free Faceted Gemstone!!!

Life is like a bag of emeralds; you never know what you will find.
This is your opportunity to receive natural emeralds in their natural rough state at a very inexpensive price.
We are able to offer you this great deal because we have purchased several thousand pounds of genuine natural emerald rough direct from a Columbian mine. Columbian mines have produced the worlds most expensive and nicest emeralds. These emeralds have never been treated in any way and they come unsearched and uncleaned direct to us. We will be dividing them up into 1200-carat lots (over ½ pound) for this item.
Be the first one to search through your very own bag of uncleaned and unsearched emeralds. See emeralds that no one has ever seen before.
Each bag will contain at least 1200 Carats of emerald mine run plus a FREE FACETED GEMSTONE (Buy 2 bags and receive 2 free faceted gemstones, etc…).
Each lot you are bidding on (weighing over 1/2 LB) may contain crystals (individual or in matrix) and natural emerald pieces (loose and embedded in stone). The fun of this item is in searching through, cleaning, and sorting while looking for valuable emeralds. Emerald pieces over 40 Carats have been found and with a free faceted gemstone for each item purchased, it is a great bargain. If you are looking for a unique gift, you have found it.
Also included FREE with each order will be directions on how to clean and care for your emeralds and a Velvet Bag.

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